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GAA Conference


Attending the GAA annual networking conference is integral to keeping partnerships fresh and business opportunities rolling. Because GAA is so young these meetings are vital to the continual success and forward movement of the network.

Global Affinity Alliance (GAA) will hold its Second Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 10-13 at The Linq Hotel and Casino; Las Vegas’ new heart of the strip. Hosting a second meeting this year will be the start of GAA’s annual October meetings.

Why are we meeting again in 2016? After the inaugural meeting in Abu Dhabi we realized that hosting another 2016 conference is vital. Members itching to re-connect don’t want to wait until the fall of 2017 to meet again and we don’t blame them; hosting a meeting 19 months after the first will hinder the development of the entire group. Having the conference in October will close the gap between meetings and keep relationships growing until the group can meet again in 2017.

GAA members who didn’t attend the inaugural conference in Abu Dhabi can use this meeting as an opportunity to accelerate goals, generate new business, and create valuable, life-long connections. Those who did attend the inaugural conference can look forward to re-connecting with established partners and solidifying those relationships.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to market your company within the GAA network. Participating in networking events helps identify your company as a trusted, dedicated, and reliable partner in the GAA network.

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